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Distances in the Russian capital
Why taxi?


Published time:  June 14, 2019 15:00  GMT + 3 

last edit:  June 14, 2019 15:47  GMT + 3


Should you, in Moscow, get a taxi or walk? Depends if you want to get fit, or get an idea of the distances in the Russian capital. Calling a taxi from a hotel is easy enough, and one will arrive or they can be found in other ways similar to other cities such as on taxi stands outside hotels or elsewhere. All you need if you don't speak Russian is a map, printable easily enough by asking the hotel reception staff no doubt. 


But to get an idea of the size of Moscow walking can be an eye-opener. Choose any street in Moscow maybe. Say, central Moscow, or take a train to one of the districts on the Moscow ring road. Say, Prospekt Mira. 


Just walking down one street will take you past banks, large undecipherable yet impressive buildings, and doors leading to what can be printer shops, or cafes. Heavy glass doors. Beige or white buildings. The street can seem daunting to someone who is more used to small cities, or even the park-and-shop of very small towns. 


High buildings, traffic, sometimes roadworks, and where is that metro sign? Surely it was just two blocks down on the left. Or was it on the next street. It may look confusingly similar at a glance. Maybe it was five blocks. 


Roadworks are often found in central areas. On the pavements, and streets, you can avoid them by walking around, or, for those who like to dice with death, just walk over the thoughtfully placed wooden plank and don't look down. A tipple could land you on spikes. An ignominous end to glamourous travel.


It's distance. There's plenty of space in Russia. 


Get fit. 


 - By Katrina Wood


Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia  © Katrina Wood