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Unfair competition at the heart of US global economic relationships, says Lavrov    

Published time: May 31, 2019    15:35  GMT + 3

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says the US is a dishonest player in global international relations, and suggests the US is a declining power relative to other countries on various measures.  


'While the Chinese, Indian economies and the economies of some other countries and regions have been growing rapidly, the US economy is no longer able to compete honestly.' said Lavrov,  in speaking at the Russian Foreign Ministry's Diplomatic Academy, in April, 2019.


Criticising the United States for unfair competition in world economic relations he refers to the World Trade Organisation.


"The World Trade Organization’s principles are being eroded. By the way, it is
precisely because of Washington’s stance that the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body cannot
begin its work. The US resorts to procedural tricks in order to keep it in such an uncertain
state as long as possible," he said.


Lavrov, in expressing the aforementioned views, was speaking at an annual meeting with the Russian Foreign Ministry's Diplomatic Academy, in April, 2019.



source: TASS



 - by Katrina Wood



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