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Tolstoy, or popular fiction? 

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A moscow evening

Published 2016 (edited: 2017, 30 June 12:10   GMT + 3)


Tolstoy, or popular fiction?


EEF 2016: Russia - China, and international

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Pigeons flock in Moscow street, Russia


Pigeons flock in street, central Moscow, Russia

Tolstoy, or popular fiction? 

Published time:  24-03-2016         Last edit:  February 17, 2017  12.15        UTC +3

Tolstoy, or popular fiction? Non-fiction biography versus classics? Russian authors or international authors?


A vast collection of options exists for the traveller in Russia such as contemporary online book stores searchable via internet, or events held at libraries such as exhibitions, book presentations, performances or lectures. There are festivals, exhibitions of a unique character, annual book fairs, and international book fairs and festivals.  


Wifi is everywhere in Moscow, so online access to such literature sites is available from cellphones, hotel Wifi, cafe Wifi.... Or, if in a hotel and do not have a mobil or computer,  maybe there is an internet cafe, and a taxi to get there. 

Finally, the Russian Empire may not be one's thing in searching for current fiction or literature, but, for those searching for specific books such as by Leo Tolstoy,  the knowledge that Tolstoy was born in this era could change one's literature search from one that is focused on the author to one that is focused on classifications, and for that a person might want to look at different sections of libraries or bookshops, or even foreign language libraries.

- Katrina Wood /