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Published 2016 (edited: 2017, 30 June 12:10   GMT + 3)


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Traffic on a busy street near Red Square, Moscow
An image, Moscow, Russia
Pigeons flock in a central Moscow street, Russia
Rain on the roads in Meschansky district,  Moscow, Russia

Left: Moscow, Russia, May 29, 2015: The rain shines on the roads in the area of Meschansky district, in a  Moscow summer thunderstorm. On the left, the stairs to a metro. Far left, a theatre.

Meschansky district, Moscow:  29 May, 2015

Published time: January 30, 2017  03:15   GMT + 3

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The light reflects off the roads in the area of Meschansky district, as the weather shows its capability to soak the roads, trees and passersby in a Moscow summer thunderstorm which brought the rain to these streets that hours before were dry.

Now in this late May summer evening,  the streets were under a rainpour. Lightning had been zigzagging accross the Moscow evening sky, in dramatic fashion as thunder and rain descended in a rapid and heavy downpour.


To the left, stairs lead down to the metro subway Dostoyevskaya (in russian: 'Достоевская' ) and in the far left, a theatre continued to display on a glowing electronic screen its event for the day or week. 


Katrina Wood

A theatre in Meschansky district, Moscow, Russia
A theatre in Meschansky district, Moscow, Russia

Photo: Moscow, Russia, 29 May 2015: A theatre in Meschansky district, Moscow, during a thunderstorm in late May.  In front, electronic screens continue to show the evening's entertainment. 


Images: screen capture (from video taken by Katrina Wood) 

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