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Moscow metro: some signs are cyrillic


Changes in Russia's SVR:  A new director for the Russian foreign intelligence service

Published time: September 30, 2016 15:30 UTC +3


Eastern Economic Forum 2016

August 24, 2016   18.36            UTC +3


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... in 2017:

President of Russia chooses October 5 for first session of newly elected State Duma:

Published time:  September 30, 2016  15:30           UTC +3

First plenary session of the seventh convocation of the Russian State Duma will take place Oct 5, 2016, reports news agency RIA Novosti​ (

By Russian Consitution law there are 30 days allowed in which the State Duma will convene its first session after being elected, but, according to TASS, the president, who has the right to set the day for the first session, has asked for the date to be set for October 5. 

Text: Katrina Wood  (Sources: TASS,

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Changes in Russia's SVR:  A new director for the Russian foreign intelligence service: 

Published time: September 30, 2016 15:30          UTC +3

The background of the new leader of the Russian foreign intelligence service (SVR): Appointed by presidential decree to be the director of the SVR on Sept 22, 2016 (decree to be effective Oct 5),  Sergey Naryshkin has been the Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation ..............MORE

Published time:  September 30, 2016  15:30           UTC +3

Unfair competition at the heart of US global economic relationships, says Lavrov 

Published time: May 31, 2019    15:35  GMT + 3



Vladimir Putin, who won the March 2018 presidential elections, has been inaugurated as President of the Russian Federation May 7, 2018

Published time:  May 7, 2018 15:36 GMT + 3

Vladimir Putin, who won the March 2018 presidential elections, has now been inaugurated as president of the Russian Federation, May 7, 2018, at the inauguration ceremony being held today in Moscow.  He has taken the presidential oath and now has officially begun his fourth term.


Vladimir Putin to run for re-election in the March 2018 presidential election

Published time:  December 11,  2017 06:17  UTC +3    (last edited:  December 11,  2017 07:26  UTC +3)

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is to run for re-election in the March 2018 presidential election. The president made the annoucement last week on December 6, 2017, while at a meeting with workers at an automobile plant in Nizhny Novgorod. (Source: TASS)


Chinese president to visit Russia for official visit July 3 and 4, 2017

Published time:  June 29,  2017  12:01  UTC +3 

The Chinese President Xi Jinping is to visit Russia early next week on an official visit at the invitation of the Russian president.  Talks are expected to focus on general partnership and strategic co-operation between the two countries, in addition to international issues, reports the Russian news agency TASS, citing the Kremlin press service

(source: TASS)


Sergei Lavrov discusses foreign policy with Chinese foreign minister in Beijing

Published time:  June 19,  2017  06:37     UTC +3 

Sergei Lavrov has arrived in Beijing for a meeting of the BRICS countries foreign ministers, and met his Chinese counterpart, the Chinese minister of foreign affairs, Wang Yi on 18 June.

(source: TASS, June 18)


News conference in Moscow, Russia's Foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov

Published time:  January 17,  2017  13:55  UTC +3 

Russia's Foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, has just been running a news conference in Moscow. The subject of the conference: review of the results of Russian foreign policy in 2016. 


There will be a plenary session of the State Duma: November 18, 2016 10.00 a.m  


Published time:  November 18,  2016  09:00     UTC +3



The new Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation is now (since October 5, 2016): Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin.  

(Official start of office was: October 5, 2016). 


Vyacheslav Volodin nominated by President as candidate for job of State Duma speaker

Published time:  October 04,  2016  17:57           UTC +3

President Vladimir Putin has asked the name of Vyacheslav Volodin be put forward for the position of State Duma speaker, reported TASS (sept 23, 2016). This is a position that is now vacant due to the recent appointment of the previous speaker (the previous Russian State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin) to the directorship of the SVR. 


 At a meeting of leaders of political parties on September 23 with the President, a statement of support was made by the leader of the United Russia faction in response to the nomination by the president, saying that the nomination was of considerable interest and  "...we are supporting it..'  Vladimir Vasilyev added that the work of the proposed candidate was known to the legislators and that Volodin knows the work of the Duma, and understands its complexities.


- Katrina Wood    (Sources: TASS ,

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... Russia / Politics

Russia interested in working with Trump administration but Washington must take national interests of Russia into consideration, says Foreign Minister

Published time:  March  31, 2017  10:15

 UTC +3


 Russia politics:  in various months, 2017...

2017: (english only)


Russian EU ambassador, Vladimir Chizhov,

comments on anti-Russian sanctions.

(source: TASS, March 2, 2017)


A Russian diplomat comments on NATO decisions regarding it's Black Sea presence...

(source: TASS, Feb 17, 2017)


The president of Russia has commented on an expansion of economic cooperation between Russia and Uruguay.

(source TASS, Feb 16, 2017)


Talks between Russia and Japan to be held, focusing on shared economic activity in the South Kuril islands

(source TASS, Feb 1, 2017)


Russian federal  security service (FSB) orders establishment of border zones between Belarus and some regions of Russia

(source TASS, Feb 1), 2017


Russian government comments on the SCO in regards to India and Pakistan

(source: TASS, Jan 2017

... in various months, 2019:

... in various months, 2018:

 Russian politics 

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