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EEF 2016: Russia - China, and international

August 31, 2016   13.57            UTC +3


Eastern Economic Forum 2016

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Tolstoy, or popular fiction?


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Pigeons flock in moscow


The first round of Russian-Japanese talks on shared economic activity in the Kuril  Islands scheduled

Published time: March 17, 2017 12.13          UTC +3

Moscow in  history

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A view looking towards Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia, May 31, 2015: Just metres from the (Охотный ряд) train station, a few streets from Red Square, pigeons descend in a flock as tourists and residents walk along the streets with shopping maps or sit outside the cafes in central Moscow.


Photo: © Katrina Wood

Pigeons flock in Moscow...

Cars on a street in Moscow and in the background,  the Kremlin and Red Square
An image of a building in Moscow, Russia
Cars on a street in central Moscow near the Kremlin and Red Square
Pigeons flock in a central Moscow street, Russia.
A dark car on a road in central Moscow Russia

Central moscow, Russia: A black car on a street near the Okhotny Ryad metro station: a street  Moscow,  May, 2015. 


A summer's day in May, Russia, in an area populated by thousands of tourists, this street is one of those exiting the busy metro not far from major tourist attractions in central Moscow. 

- Katrina Wood


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Moscow metro: some signs are cyrillic


US President signs Russia sanctions bill
Published time:  August 04, 2017    18:59    GMT + 3


2017 G7 'transitional'- Italian political analyst

Published time:  May 29, 2017     09:10   GMT + 3