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Recent changes in the State Duma and Russian Government

Published time:  October 25, 2016  11.10   UTC +3

There have been many changes recently in the Russian Government, since the 2016 Russian State Duma elections, and particularly since the first plenary session of the seventh convocation of the State Duma of October 5. The new Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, for instance, since Oct 5, 2016, is now: Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin. His predecesor was Sergei Naryshkin, who is now director of Russia's foreign intelligence service (SVR).



Newly elected Russian State Duma assembles October 5, 2016: The President of the Russian Federation spoke at the assembled Duma, in the first plenary session of the seventh convocation of the Russian State Duma.

(photo above;  duma photo archive



The newly elected State Duma sets Oct 5, 2016 for first session:

First plenary session of the seventh convocation of the State Duma will take place October 5, 2016. (Source:



New SVR leader in Russia
Published time:  September 25, 2016  23.51    UTC +3

Since the 2016 Russian parliamentary election, various personnel changes have been made in the Russian government. For example, in the intelligence services: Sergei Naryshkin has been appointed to lead the SVR (the foreign intelligence service of Russia).            MORE



Russian elections 2016: 

Sept 18:  the Legislative elections, Russia. 




EEF: 2016: Russia - China, and international

The second Eastern Economic Forum,  September 2nd, 2016, in Vladivostok, Russia.  A significant point of interest: options for investment in Eastern Russia promoted by Russia to streamline procedures for customs, permits and the ability to invest in the Far East of Russia. China, for one, is a country that has been involved with Russia in a number of discussions regarding China's interest in investing in the Russian Far East.                MORE                                                                                                          

Eastern Economic Forum, 2016   

Eastern Economic Forum, Vladivostok, September 2-3, 2016                   MORE




SPIEF 2016: (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, 2016), St Petersburg, Russia, June 16-18                         MORE

The State Duma, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia, International

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Moscow in history

Published time (text): January 17, 2017      01:40       UTC +3


Moscow metro: some signs are cyrillic


Themes, topics, forums and panels: SPIEF 2016

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EEF 2016: Russia - China, and international

August 31, 2016   13.57            UTC +3


Eastern Economic Forum 2016

August 24, 2016   18.36            UTC +3


Tolstoy, or popular fiction?



USA - Russia business dialogue event at SPIEF 2017 was the first in three years

Published time:  June 8, 2017     03:06   GMT + 3


Sanctions against Russia likely to continue says Russian prime minister

March 7, 2017     07:45    GMT + 3


Russian Parliamentary Elections 2016: 

Published time:  September 19, 2016  13.25     UTC +3

In Russia, voting has finished. Votes are being counted. 

Russian Parliamentary Elections 2016:

Published time:  September 20, 2016  04.37     UTC +3

Final results of the election are expected to be announced Friday, September 23 (Interfax),  but results so far indicate clearly that United Russia looks set to lead.


Russian Parliamentary Elections September 18: 

Published time:  September 16, 2016   05.15         UTC +3

last edit: September 18, 2016  06:39  UTC +3

On September 18, 2016:  the legislative elections, the Russia parliamentary elections, take place. The current ruling party, United Russia, the party that won the necessary majority for this position in the last Russian legislative elections of 2011, is again running. According to TASS,   fourteen parties are on the election ballot: 'United Russia party, the Communist Party of Russia, the Liberal Democratic Party, A Just Russia party, Russia’s Patriots, Civil Platform, the Green party, the Party of Growth, Parnas, Civil Power, Russia’s Communists, Yabloko, Rodina (Motherland) and the Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice'. (TASS). 





Text:  Katrina Wood

Russian Parliamentary Elections 2016:

Published time:  September 23, 2016  03.15    UTC +3

'United Russia'  has won the 2016 parliamentary elections (the Russian State Duma elections).

The first plenary session of the State Duma of the seventh convocation. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

UK BP CEO expects investments will stay in Russia, and comments on sanctions

Published time:  March 7, 2017      07:45    GMT + 3

CEO of UK's BP says he expects BP will keep its investments in Russia, and that he expects no changes in the lifting of sanctions against Russia, according to TASS.

(source: TASS).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        See also...


Victory Day preparations in Moscow, March 6

Published time: March 6, 2017     07:12   GMT + 3

In Russia, reports, certain preparations are being made this day, March 6, for the Victory parade of 9 May. Today in Moscow several streets in the centre of the city are to be closed for training for this purpose.



Victory Day is a national holiday in Russia, celebrated every year on May 9. It celebrates the victory of the Soviet Union over German military in WW2, which was formally established on 9 May 1945.



The Russian President says it is too early to make any statements on the presidential elections of 2018

Published time: February 22, 2017 09:01    GMT + 3

The president has said it is too early to make any statements on the presidential elections of 2018, reports TASS, citing the Kremlin spokesperson. The presidential elections are to be held in March 2018. 

(Source: TASS)



Law offers possibility of a free hectare of land for Russian citizens in Russia's Far East starting from Feb 1:

Published time:  February 2, 2017 00:59 GMT + 3

Starting from Feb 1, 2017, any citizen of Russia can file an application to obtain  a hectare of land, in any part of  the Russia Far East, for free. 

(Source: TASS)



Sergey Lavrov reviewed results of Russian foreign policy for 2016

Published time: January 17, 2017 16:59 GMT + 3

Edited: January 25, 2017  05:36 GMT + 3

At a recent press conference in Moscow shown on live broadcast by Russian state television, Sergey Lavrov reviewed results of Russian foreign policy for 2016. Speaking at the news event through interpreters, Russia's Foreign Minister discussed a number of issues with media from countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, China and others.



2017 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, 2017

The Forum: 17-20 January, 2017



EU residents and many others to be allowed to visit Belarus for 5 days visa-free

Published time: January 10, 2017   09:10   UTC +3

Edited:  January 16, 2017   04:53   UTC +3   / March 13, 2017 ('news')   03:55   UTC +3

Reported in TASS (Monday Jan 9, 2017), Belarus has on Monday just signed a decree introducing a five day visa-free period. This will apply to 80 countries, said TASS citing the press service of the Belarusian president.            

Source: TASS                                              MORE



Russia - Japan: Kuril Islands travel agreements discussed

Published timeDecember 14, 2016 09:39   UTC +3  

According to Russian news agency TASS, the Russian president has recently said he sees it is possible that there will no restraints for visa-free travel to the Kuril Islands for Japanese people who used to be resident there 1).  The Kuril islands has, in the past, since WW2, been a subject of dispute between Russia and Japan. There have been recent reports  (TASS late 2016:  Oct 5 2,  Nov 1 ) that the Russian Federation is not likely to give up any sovereignty of these particular islands.


(sources: TASS 1 , TASS 2TASS )



Russian President to visit Japan mid-december, 2016

Published timeDecember 14, 2016 09:39   UTC +3

President Vladimir Putin is to pay an official visit to Japan this week

(Source: TASS



Newly-elected UN Secretary General meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin 

Published timeNovember 25, 2016 11.59  UTC +3

Edited: November 29, 2016 11.29  UTC +3

On Thursday the Russian president met with newly-elected UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, reports TASS.  At the meeting, the President of Russia mentioned the founding role of Russia in the UN, and expressed interest in continuing constructive dialogue. 




Results of the United Nations 28 October elections to the Human Rights Council

Published timeOctober 31, 2016  09.30  UTC +3

The UN 2016 October 28  election for 14 seats on the human rights council resulted in these countries being re-elected:  China, Brazil, Croatia, Cuba, Egypt, Hungary, Japan, Iraq, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.  


For the Eastern European seats: the Russian Federation did not succeed in its bid, losing to Hungary, and narrowly, to Croatia. The vote results were, for the Eastern European Seats: Russian Federation: 112,  Hungary: 144,  Croatia: 114            (Sources:, TASS)



Russia candidate in October 28 elections to UN Human Rights Council 

Published time:  October 27, 2016  09.15   UTC +3

Last edit: October 28, 2016  13. 59   UTC +3

UN Human Rights Council  elections to be held on 28 October 2016. There will be an election on October 28 of 14 members to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Russia, a current member (whose membership is due to expire later this year), is also one of those candidates.

 Russia politics: ...2017: (english only)


Russian EU ambassador, Vladimir Chizhov,comments on anti-Russian sanctions

(source: TASS, March 2, 2017)


A Russian diplomat comments on NATO decisions regarding it's Black Sea presence...

(source: TASS, Feb 17, 2017)


The president of Russia has commented on an expansion of economic cooperation between Russia and Uruguay.

(source TASS, Feb 16, 2017)


Talks between Russia and Japan to be held, focusing on shared economic activity in the South Kuril islands

(source TASS, Feb 1, 2017)


Russian federal  security service (FSB) orders establishment of border zones between Belarus and some regions of Russia

(source TASS, Feb 1, 2017)


Russian government comments on the SCO in regards to India and Pakistan

(source: TASS, Jan 20, 2017) 



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