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A view looking towards Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Photo: Red, Square, Moscow, Russia, 2015: People stroll in the square in summer. On the right, the walls of the Kremlin, lined by dark green trees. To the left,  in the distance, St. Basils Cathedral

Red square, and the Kremlin, Moscow

Traffic on a busy street and in the background, the Kremlin and Red Square
An image in Moscow, Russia
Traffic on a central Moscow street, near Red Square and the Kremlin, Russia

left: Central Moscow: People walk in Red Square, Russia, past the Kremlin.

Photo: 2015

The Kremlin wall and Red Square, Moscow, Russia

The Kremlin


Published time  June 27, 2017 09:01  GMT + 3  (last edited: June 27, 2017 09:45  GMT + 3) 

The walls of the Kremlin stand as perhaps one of the most dramatic features of Red Square. Lined with dark green trees and with a few guards standing in front unobtrusively, this part of the kremlin wall is walked past, every year, by millions.  


Generally, the main city districts of Moscow draw thousands of tourists every year and Red Square is one of the main drawcards. It's not far from the metro to walk here. It's a scene for tourists, but also, various parades, including military parades (recent Red Square parades just a month or so ago were held here to celebrate Victory Day on May 9).


The Kremlin walls stand as a reminder to what is also this aspect of Red square:  the home of the Russian government.


Russia is, also, vast. On a summer's day in May in 2015, and despite the thousands visiting,  the square is not packed closely or crowded.  There is room to wander, stop and photograph with ease, or to sit in one of the surrounding bars or cafes and watch, despite the - easily accessible from the square - busy streets and multi-level department stores.  Space is one thing Russia does not lack. Nor are visible demonstrations and symbols of power. 


- Katrina Wood


People walking in Red Square, and the Kremlin wall

(See also: 'The Kremlin' - scroll down)

People walk past the Kremlin Walls (right) in Russia's red square, Moscow, 2015, May 31 photo © Katrina Wood

People walk past the Kremlin Walls (left) and photograph in Russia's red square, Moscow 2015 © Katrina Wood

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