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A moscow evening

Published 2016 (edited: 2017, 30 June 12:10   GMT + 3)


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People in Red Square, Moscow, Russia
An image, Moscow, Russia
Pigeons flock in a central Moscow street, Russia
People in Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia, May 31, 2015: Central Russia, and visitors, tourists and residents stroll, photograph, and pose in groups as they do all year in this popular tourist destination in Moscow.


It is Red Square. It is late May, and the weekend weather pleasant, with sellers lining a few tables in front of some of the square's attractions and displaying a range of souvenirs that sell for 20 rubles or more,  tourists sitting in the shade watching the world go by and different nationalities of traveler displaying t-shirted slogans as they stroll around, some with cameras, some just sitting on benches. The scene is relaxed, and the day is one with blue sky and drifting white clouds.


Published: 2015/2016 (last edited: 2018)

Traffic opposite Red Square, Moscow, May 31, 2015
© Katrina Wood /

Red Square, Moscow, May 31, 2015  © Katrina Wood