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Following the annual state of the Nation Address in Russia by the Russian President, the Prime Minister of Russia and the government resigned

Published time:  January 20, 2020     13:59  GMT + 3

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Russian government resigns after State of the Nation speech by President Vladimir Putin in Russia


In a surprising move last week, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and the entire Russian government resigned after the Russian President's annual State of the Nation Address in Russia.


During this address to the Federal Assembly the Russian president Vladimir Putin had unexpectedly announced changes to the Russian constitution, which would change quite significantly some of the powers of the Duma in future and also that of other judicial and government offices, including the office of the Russian presidency. 


The then-Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his government resigned after this Address. The changes, said Medvedev, were because what the President had suggested would so alter the Russian Constitution that it was correct to resign to give the Russian President time and space to re-select a new cabinet. 




sources include: TASS

 - Katrina Wood



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Following the annual State of the Nation address by the President of Russia, Jan 15 2020, the Prime Minister of Russia and the cabinet resigned