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Eastern Economic Forum 2018, Vladivostok  

Published time:  September 13, 2018     03:01   GMT + 3


Far from the capital of Moscow, Vladivostok in Russia's far east is hosting the fourth Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). 


The EEF is a Russia and Asia-Pacific forum focusing on the development of Russia's far eastern territories, as well as aiming to act as a political, social and economic link to the Asia-Pacific region, to develop Russia's co-operation with countries in the area.


Representatives from neighbouring territories, such as China, and nearby countries such as Mongolia and Japan are attendees at the forum, as well as representatives from Europe, the US, and the UK. 


It has demonstrably developed a global focus and attendance during its four-year existance which now sees delegations attending from not only neighbouring states but also other continents. 

Russia is a vast territory, and Vladivostok is right at the far east. Accross the sea of Japan is Tokoyo. Nearby is China.  


What the forum is: an international forum focusing on development, current and potential, of Russia's far east. Leaders from the Asia-Pacific region attend, and representatives include leaders of states, as well as those of international companies from both outside and within Russia. 


It is an international platform. 


This is the fourth forum. The programme this year, 2018, outlines approximately 70 business events and its business programme is organised around four themes, one of which includes Russia's global focus. It includes, this year, seven international business dialogues between Russia and each of the following: India, Japan, China, ASEAN, Republic of Korea, the Middle East, and Europe. 


The Forum first began four years ago in 2015  - founded that year by decree of the President of the Russian Federation in May -  in Vladivostok, where it has been held every year since. 



 - By Katrina Wood


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Left: photo of the President of the Russian Federation, 2012, supplied courtesy