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EU residents and many others to be allowed to visit Belarus for 5 days visa-free:

Published time: January 10, 2017   09:10   UTC +3

Edited:  January 16, 2017   04:53   UTC +3


Reported in TASS (Monday Jan 9, 2017), Belarus has on Monday just signed a decree introducing a five day visa-free period. This will apply to 80 countries, said TASS citing the press service of the Belarusian president. 


This will apply to entry check points: the State Border, the Minsk National Airport, and the decree includes all EU countries, in addition to Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, and the United States. In addition, it will also apply to stateless persons of Estonia, and non-citizens of Latvia, reports TASS. 


It is not applicable to official travel, however, reports TASS, and other considerations apply to Russia plane travel to Belarus, such as when flying from Russia to Belarus or to Russian airports:  in such situations the visa-free travel does not apply. 


The visa-free decree is not yet in force: it is to be in effect one month after it is published,


Source: TASS


- Katrina Wood