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Countries increasingly relying on military power and ultimatums to guarantee sovereignty, says Russian Foreign Minister

Published time:  January 16, 2018     07:15   GMT + 3

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister has said recently, at his annual news conference in Moscow, that factors such as a decline in confidence in international law have corresponded to an increasing trend of countries increasing their military power in order to retain sovereignty. 


"We are witnessing a devaluation of international law, and the diminishing role of multilateral institutions. We are also seeing more and more countries banking on boosting their military power, which is seen by them as almost the sole guarantee of preserving their sovereignty under current conditions," he said.


He said the US and its allies are showing an ultimatum-focused approach, and show a lack of interest in recognising what he says is '...the reality of the emerging multipolar world'.


He said they use somewhat dubious and unscrupulous methods in dealing with matters, ranging from the deployment of a global missile defense system to unilateral sanctions, including...'extraterritorial use of their legislation and threats to tackle any international issues in accordance with their own scenario exclusively, stopping at nothing, including the use of brute military force.".


The comments were made to reporters at the Russian Foreign Minister's annual news conference, which took place in Moscow on January 15, 2018. 


source: TASS

 - Katrina Wood



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