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Moscow in history

Published time (text): January 17, 2017      01:40       UTC +3


Moscow metro: some signs are cyrillic


Tolstoy, or popular fiction?



EU residents and many others to be allowed to visit Belarus for 5 days visa-free
January 10, 2017   09.10       UTC +3


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It was launched as a website in November 2015. It is not a syndicate, and has no partners. The publication is independently owned, and funded.  There are no staff.


The website is subject to the laws of the Russian Federation. 


It has previously, in earlier years, offered  English and Russian, but is now currently offered mainly in English -  with its main target readership being an english-speaking russian or international audience.


The website is located in the territory of Russia. Information sources are primarily Russian, with a very few exceptions. The website is indexed in Google, and in the Russian search engine Yandex, among others. The focus of the website is both Russia, and International.



website location: Russia

writer/ journalist:

Katrina Wood, location: Auckland, New Zealand

staff: none  




Nov 2015  - launched:  2 November 2015

Early to mid 2016: Listing exists in (lists russian domains)
Early to mid 2016: site statistics established 

June 2016: Editor accredited for SPIEF 2016 (not attended in person)

August 2016: Editor accredited for EEF event (unfortunately could not attend in person)

Sept 2016: 'Politics: Russia' section added to 'News'

Nov 2016: celebrates one year

late Nov, 2016:  - adds VK share option

Dec 2016: Current search engine listings include Google, Yandex, and others

Jan 2017: Site statistics: Review for the last quarter (three months) : By country, visits have been from: NZ, Russia,  and then in descending order: China, Moldova, USA, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, and Uzbekistan. (source: Yandex metrics)

March 2017: A two-month comparison shows an increase in visits (clicks on site) from China, from 12.3 %  of total visits for the period of 15 Jan - 14 Feb 2017, to 23.5 %  in the period from 15 feb -14 March, 2017. (source: Yandex metrics)

June 2017: Global ranking in Similar Web listed.

global rank #29,273,626

country rank (Russia) #3,128,071

(source: Similar Web, June 29, 2017, stats: May, 2017, pdf available).

May/ June 2017:  Includes vk page

(  vk page )

Nov 2017:  Celebrates two years

Jan 2018: visitors to site in the month of January include Russia, China, USA, and Switzerland among others. (source: Yandex metrics)

May 2018: Twitter page added

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Nov 2019:  four years since website began.

Jan 2020: the Alexa rank as of 10 Jan 2020 (for last 90 days) for (Alexa rank: global estimate of a site's popularity) is #10,701,937.  

(source:, pdf available)

Nov 2020: Five years since website began

 About the editor / journalist:


Katrina Wood :

2015, 2016: member of European press federation (EPF).

2016/2017 - 2020: member of the German journalists union

2017 - 2021: Member of GNS Press Association. 

She has travelled to Moscow, while living in Berlin. 

She currently lives in, and is a citizen of, New Zealand.

Katrina Wood:


Unfair competition at the heart of US global economic relationships - Lavrov

Published time: May 31, 2019    15:35 GMT + 3

Rules for right of veto discussed in UN Security Council reforms

Published time:  May 2, 2018  14:56 GMT + 3


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