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'Lack of unity', current lack of political clout, and decisions that are likely to be reviewed: themes of recent G7 - says Italian political researcher


Published time:  May 29, 2017     09:10   GMT + 3


'Lack of unity', current lack of political clout or strength, and decisions that are likely to be reviewed were themes picked out by an Italian researcher on commenting on the recent G7 meeting that took place in Taormina, Sicily (now ended): ' I would call this summit a transitional one. ' said Tiberio Graziani, President of the Institute of Geopolitics and Applied Sciences in Italy.

In explaining his assessment he referred to a likihoood, in his opinion, that the EU would be influenced into changing its policies: 'The EU will have to change its policies in line with the effects of populism in the run-up to a number of important elections,' he said.

In addition, he said changes involving the Group of Seven are already occurring. He referred to recent changes in the Group in terms of its individual representatives (such as the new French president: Emmanuel Macron.) He also referred to UK and the EU relationships: speaking in regard to the British prime minister he said that Theresa May '... de facto does not represent the united Europe anymore'.  


Regarding the American president, Donald Trump,  he refers to an unclarified stance. 
'As far as Trump is concerned, he still failed to clarify his stance.' Graziani said.

Graziani also questionned the Group's ability to discuss problems of terrorism properly without Russia's input, since Russia is a country, he said, that is a significant force in anti - IS measures:
"How can you discuss the problem of terrorism, that comes mainly from the Islamic State (terrorist group, outlawed in Russia), without Russia, a major anti-IS actor. It is also a great mistake to speak of a possibility of new sanctions," he said.

The G7 leaders had declared at this summit they were ready to take further actions against Russia in terms of sanctions, for various reasons including Russia's actions in Ukraine. Minsk accords were also mentioned in this regard.

The G7: consists of: Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, UK and USA. It held its annual summit in Italy in 2017 in late May.

Sources of information include: TASS

By:  Katrina Wood