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An image: Moscow, Russia



US President signs Russia sanctions bill
Published time:  August 04, 2017    18:59    GMT + 3

Brazilian president tells Russian government his hopes for Russian investment, on official visit to Russia

Published time: June 22 2017     12:10  GMT + 3



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Moscow metro: some signs are cyrillic


Moscow in history

Published time (text): January 17, 2017      01:40       UTC +3


2017 G7 'transitional'- Italian political analyst

Published time:  May 29, 2017     09:10   GMT + 3


USA - Russia business dialogue event at SPIEF 2017 was the first in three years

Published time:  June 8, 2017 03:06 

GMT + 3


EEF 2016: Russia - China, and international
 August 31, 2016   13.57            UTC +3


Tolstoy, or popular fiction?


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An image of a building in Moscow, Russia
An image of a road, Moscow, Russia
The Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow
Traffic on a busy street near Red Square, Moscow

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Central Moscow, Russia
A street in Meschansky district, Moscow, in the evening
An image, Moscow
People in Red Square, Moscow, Russia
People in Red Square, and on the left the Kremlin walls, Moscow, Russia

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin outside the Konstantin Palace after their meeting at the 2017 St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2017) in St Petersburg, Russia, June 1, 2017. Sergei Savostyanov/TASS Host Photo Agency

Right: photo courtesy of 

Roscongress Foundation (forumspb. SPIEF 2017